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The Reviews Are In!


The Bridges of Madison County

Theatre Three, Port Jefferson, NY


Times Beacon Record

"Leading the production is the show's star, TracyLynn Conner, who portrays Francesca.  First off, her accent is marvelous and never breaks even once.  Her voice is one of the finest I've ever heard on a stage.  Operatic, emotional and just so beautiful to listen to."



"As the unfulfilled Francesca, TracyLynn Conner grasps our hearts with her first exquisite note in 'To Build a Home'.  She brings the character to life, capturing the audience and refusing to let go until her final note."


Broadway World

"Theatre Three vet TracyLynn Conner superbly portrays Francesca ... with a steadfast demeanor yet feminine touch powerfully taking the audience on Francesca's emotional struggle.  Favorites include Ms. Conner's renditions of 'What Do You Call A Man' and 'Almost Real' as well as a stunning performance of 'Falling Into You.' "

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